Ear Piercing

Ear piercing by many, especially our younger customers, is considered a “right-of-passage” – a symbol of growing up. We pierce the ears of children as young as 5. From 5 to 18 years old requires a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission. Our trained technicians make sure that you, or your child’s experience is pleasant and memorable. We take every precaution, and go strictly “by the book” for comfort, safety and cleanliness. We explain every step, and use the latest minimally invasive equipment, which is always sterilized before use. We mark the ear lobes with a special pen first, and give you the chance to approve, or adjust the placement. After the earrings go in, which takes place in a split second and usually feels “like a little pinch” to the ear lobes, we review your cleaning instructions. The starter earrings that we provide are made of surgical stainless steel, which gives you the least chance of allergic reaction. We also give you a bottle of antiseptic to use for your two months of “twice-daily” cleaning when you get home.

Call us, or use our Request Appointment form to get your ears, or your child’s ears pierced, or if you have other questions.

Ear Piercing FAQs

What is the age limit for Stiles Salon to pierce my child’s ears?

  • Your child can have their ears pierced as young as 5, and all children younger than 18 need to have a parent’s permission.

Does it hurt?

  • Some say it doesn’t hurt at all, some say it does. Our experience tells us that it feels like a quick pinch.

Do I need to make an appointment?

  • Yes. Appointments are always preferred.

How do I care for my ears after getting them pierced?

  • You will need to wear the earrings we provide for 2 months or longer, at a loose setting. Two times a day you’ll need to clean your ears with the provided solution to prevent infection. We will teach you how to clean your ears.

Is there a chance of an allergic reaction to the earrings?

  • Our starter earrings are made of surgical stainless steel. This ensures you will have the LEAST chance of allergic reaction. Nickel and other cheaper metals may cause allergic reaction and are not advised until two months after piercing, and the ears have fully healed.

How soon after ear piercing can I switch my earrings?

  • You can switch after two months. If you show any signs of sensitivity, clean your ears, sterilize your starter earrings, and put them back in. Your sensitivity to other metals may dissipate over time. Some people have a life long allergy to certain metals. If you show signs of sensitivity, (redness, swelling, irritation or soreness) remove your starter earrings and contact your physician right away.

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